075: The Word of God is to be the breath of my existence

I think one thing that struck me today is that the Lord speaks to me more than just when I am praying, worshiping, or reading my bible.  It’s easy to just expect him to speak to me when I have a quiet time, but today I was reading 2 Kings 6:1-23.  (Thanks to this site I found, which gives the lectionary readings from the Book of Common Prayer and scripture to go with the readings. It’s much easier than getting out the Book of Common prayer and flipping through the back to find the right reading for the day.)  Anyway, enough about the website and back to 2 Kings 6.  In the passage, Elisha prays that his servants eyes would be opened to see the angelic army protecting Elisha.  And when the servants eyes are opened, he sees “horses and chariots of fire.”  Now, when it comes to my faith and my relationship with Jesus, I don’t need to see chariots of fire or whole armies becoming blind; however, I do want see the hand of God in the things around me.  I want to see His motives, His actions, and His ways.  For without seeing Him around me, I am easily inclined to go it on my own, just as the Psalmist says in Psalm 119:109, “I hold my life in my hand continually, but I do not forget your law.”  It’s hard to say that that simple statement is true for my life; in fact, the first part of it is true: “I hold my life in my hand continually.”  I continually go at life my way, by my hand, by my desires. However, I forget His law, because if I did remember it, I would meditating on it all day. Or how I like to look at it, I see His law, or Word, evident, consistent, and persistent in all areas of life, guiding me (“lamp to my feet”) and protecting me (“uphold me according to your promise, that I may live”).  To put all things in terms that I can understand and, hopefully, all people can understand, the Word of God is to be the breath of my existence.  Just as I need breath to survive, I need the Word to live.  I think one way to aid this is memorizing the Scripture and having the mind set that the Lord speaks all day long, because He is always with us.